A Decade in Review: 3 key takeaways from my 10 Years at Ditto

I cofounded Ditto ten years ago this month. It’s kind of crazy when I take a step back and let that sink in. It’s not lost on me that most startups don’t last that long and I’m insanely proud that we are still standing despite, quite frankly, an absurd amount of obstacles. These obstacles have been part of why Ditto has been such an extraordinary learning experience for me.

Ditto Celebrates 10 Years

This month marks the 10th anniversary since Ditto was founded. Ten years later, over 60M people use our technology each year to try on over 1 billion pairs of glasses each per month! We’ve partnered with some of the best eyewear retailers and brands around the world including Specsavers, Zenni, GrandVision, NVI, Misterspex, Lenskart, JINS, Quay and more. Ditto is far more global than I could have imagined with over 55% of our business coming from outside of the U.S.