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Which virtual try-on solution is best? Ditto is the industry leading platform offering personalized and interactive eyewear shopping experiences featuring virtual try-on, frame recommendation, and face insights. See why so many eyewear retailers and brands choose Ditto over the competition. 

See how Ditto stacks up to the competition

ACEP TryLive
Virtual Try-On
VTO Method
Accurate Fit
PD Measurements (+/-1)
Digital Glasses Library
Frame Recommendation Engine
Email Marketing
Vision Impaired Accessible

High-quality digital frames that beat the competition

With our experience in selling eyewear, we know the importance of high-quality photography for your site. Our 3D digital frames bring the highest-quality digital frames in the industry, with the world’s largest database of 3D frames with frame data used to support our frame recommendation engine. With endless possibilities from virtual try-on, frame recommendation, product photography, product videos, advertising, and model try-ons. 

With live try-on, we just didn't see a big impact on our sales and conversion rates like we have with Ditto.

Doron Kalinko, Co-Founder – Motion Global

Fittingbox will box you in. Ditto will help you grow.

Fittingbox has helped small businesses offer virtual try-on, but eyewear retailers and brands tell us when it’s time to grow they make the transition from Fittingbox to Ditto. We go beyond virtual try-on with an all-in-one leading platform that’s specifically designed to meet the needs of eyewear retailers, especially as they grow. 

ACEP TryLive isn't keeping up. Ditto keeps you moving forward.

Acep TryLive belongs to the Acep Group. This breath of scope leads to a sacrifice of depth. Ditto specializes in augmented reality and virtual try-on for the eyewear industry. This specialization allows us to be the leaders in the industry with accurate fit and look, so your customers can shop your eyewear collection with confidence, knowing what they see online is what they are purchasing, true to fit and color. 

We are trusted by the biggest names in the eyewear industry.

Questions? We've got answers.

We make an effort to understand every detail of your business. From our first conversations with you, we’ll work diligently to design the right solutions for your business and choose the right plan to get you up and running on Ditto. 

Ditto’s all-in-one platform is designed to fit businesses of all sizes. Every setup is customizable, so you can get all the features you need now to get started and add more as you grow. 

Our platform is compatible with most eCommerce and website platforms and modern browsers and devices. Seamlessly integrate with your website to enhance your customer experience. Connect with your existing platform including: Shopify, WordPress, Magento, and much more. 

Ditto’s respective products collect the following facial, biometric, and personal data for the purpose of showing virtual eyewear on a user’s face, providing insights about a user’s face, and customizing eyewear recommendations for a user.

Clients subject to the EU data laws, rules, and regulations (e.g., the GDPR) must enter into a EU Data Processing Agreement (“DPA”) before Ditto is lawfully permitted to process personal data that the Client collected. Under some scenarios, a Client may demand that all end-user data be processed and remain in the EU with the exception of limited data transfers to facilitate Ditto troubleshooting and investigations. Ditto uses the Standard Contractual Clauses (an exhibit to Ditto’s DPA) to make this limited data transfer lawful. All other data is processed in Ireland.

We have a proprietary process that uses 3 images and 1 measurement of each frame to digitize the glasses with accuracy. We do not need your physical products.

You will always own your customer data. We host your solution and ensure your customer data is secure. We never share this data. 

All our prices are listed in US dollars, but your bank will be able to convert this to your local currency upon purchase. You will also receive your invoice in US dollars. In regards to tax implications, all of our prices do not include applicable state/local taxes and you (the client) will be responsible for them. If you have any questions, please speak to your sales representative and we’ll be happy to help.

Forward-looking eyewear retailers choose Ditto.

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Online Eyewear: Fit & Style Tips to Grow Your Sales

Tuesday, November 30th 2021 @ 11:30 AM EST

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