Delker Drives Traffic to Stores with Virtual Try-On Marketing Campaigns Powered by Ditto


Eisenberg, Germany

Ditto Products

Virtual try-on

Why Ditto?

Increased Store Traffic, Accurate Fit, Quality Digital Frames

Retailer Type

Sunglasses & Eyewear Store

# of Monthly Ditto Users

~2,000 users

# of Locations

30 branches

Delker Optik — a eyewear and optical store with 30 Delker Branches across Germany that utilize a modern online experience to drive traffic to its stores.

Their Story

Driving traffic into their stores

Delker knows the importance of digital experiences for the modern consumer. While they do not sell eyewear online and rely on store traffic for sales, they had to think creatively about how they could drive traffic to their stores.

Using a unique QR code strategy in leaflet mailers, Delker had been able to get some traction. Using the QR codes to send customers to a dedicated landing page of products, they saw some increase, but it still was not enough.

Delker did their research of several VTO offerings, and ultimately chose Ditto because it offered:

  • A video-based approach that allowed their strong Rx customers to utilize the virtual try-on experience
  • A smooth implementation experience enabled them to launch VTO into their existing leaflet mailer campaign
  • The highest-quality 3D renders on the market of their eyewear collections
  • A unique integration that allowed use in their landing pages for use in traditional mailer campaigns

Their Victory

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increase in page visits
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happy Ditto users

An innovation approach to omnichannel retailing

Augmented reality can take marketing to the next level by adding a virtual component to a traditional marketing strategy. Delker, while not selling eyewear online, knows the importance of a modern digitized shopping experience. Prior to implementing Ditto, they used traditional mailers to promote their eyewear collections.

Delker has since launched several campaigns using Ditto, allowing customers to scan a QR code on their traditional leaflet mailers driving them to a dedicated landing page that features Ditto’s virtual try-on (VTO) technology to enable customers to try before they visit their nearest Delker location. This creates for a quick and convenient shopping experience that puts the customer in control.

Consumers desire personalization and a sense of “touch and feel” when shopping. With augmented reality they have total freedom over the experience to try on, choose products, and shop at their own pace and in the comfort of their own home or on the go.

Response to COVID

With the impact of the pandemic, Delker like many others needed a way to continue to operate safely. Combining the power of their QR code strategy with the innovation of virtual try-on technology, Delker was able to overcome the safety concerns of customers, giving them the confidence to shop again. With VTO, customers are able to shop at their own convenience, selecting frames prior to going in-store. This creates a fast, safe, and simple shopping experience that meets safety standards and gives customers the confidence to shop.

Delker has seen impressive traffic from its VTO campaigns

With the integration of VTO into their existing campaigns, they have seen great uplift in their campaign. This has propelled their campaign and allowed for consumers to engage with them. With a 156% increase in page visits, they have seen that their campaigns running with VTO perform far better than those without.

Q&A with Axel Delker, Co-CEO of Delker Optik

Why Ditto?

For us, Ditto was the only service that we know of that uses a video-based approach. If you need prescription glasses then you probably cannot see yourself in live-based try-on and see how you look in frames with a tool like Fittingbox. The video experience was one of our biggest drivers to be able to service customers that have strong prescriptions and cannot not use glasses while using the try-on experience.

What trends are you seeing in the industry?

Virtual try-on is not only for fashion but also for fit to ensure that the frames fit correctly. It is one thing to know if you like the frames and how they look. It is another to know if they actually fit. Accurate measurements are essential to selling online.


What was the integration process like?

Really focused on landing pages and not on our online store. A standalone project to support the campaigns with our QR codes. Determining which frames are digitized and which are not. It is tricky to know which frames are digitized and which are not. An interactive process back and forth to determine.

Did you have any doubts about ditto?

Our biggest concern was knowing if we could digitize enough frames and the time needed to implement so we could launch our landing pages and mailers campaign. Ditto was able to work with us to meet our timeline so that we could launch our campaigns. Once our VTO was implemented the leaflets were able to be distributed. This smooth implementation was critical.


What would you tell others who are considering ditto?

It is a good idea and a state-of-the-art virtual try-on platform. If you don’t have virtual try-on these days you are outdated. Customers are looking forward to the innovations of their shopping experiences. More and more customers are expecting VTO these days.

Create your own customer experience with Ditto virtual try-on!