Sunnies Studios Creates eCommerce Site with Ditto — Sees a 2.4x Conversion Lift



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Sunnies Studios — a full-service optical house since 2013 with both sunglasses and prescription eyewear. Inspired by classic silhouettes and contemporary trends, each product is designed for everyday comfort and pleasure. There’s one for everyone whether it’s for staying in or going out.

Their Story

Brick-and-Mortar Retailer Goes Online

Sunnies Studios has been a one stop shop for eyewear since 2013. When they decided to go online, they did not want to overspend or compromise quality. In those respects, they chose Ditto to provide the aspects that their customers loved about their in-store experiences like trying on eyewear to see how frames will fit and look on them and to provide face insights like PD measurements and facial characteristics to inform purchase decisions to make them feel confident in their purchase.

Sunnies Studios did their research of several VTO offerings, and ultimately chose Ditto because it offered:

  • A team of talented digital artists to design their high-quality 3D eyeglasses replicated from their product photography
  • Customer success manager and development resources to help guide them through a smooth implementation
  • A easy-to-use platform that would bridge the gap between their in-store and online experiences
  • Face insights that inform customers about their face and prescription to inform the eyewear purchases decision

Their Victory

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Sunnies Studios was able to bring the shopping experience online

A great online shopping experience is essential to modern shoppers. With Ditto, Sunnies Studios loyal customers have been able enjoy the convenience and safety of trying on eyeglasses from the comfort of their own home. VTO was able to bridge the gap between customers not being able to physically try on eyewear.

Customers using Ditto are 2.4x more likely to convert

Sunnies Studios was able to utilize Ditto’s platform to create a first of its kind virtual shopping experience in the Philippines. Compared to shoppers who did not use Ditto, they have seen an impressive 2.4x increase in conversions.

Q & A with Sunnies Studios

Why Ditto?

We chose Ditto to bridge the gap of customers not being able to physically try-on glasses and VTO made a lot of sense. During our research of best practices and what other eyewear brands were using, we found Ditto to be the highest-quality and most accurate compared to other alternatives on the market.


What trends are you seeing in the industry?

The traditional behavior of customers is changing, especially for prescription eyewear. There is usually a doctor there to help customers pick frames that fit them and their prescription. It has traditionally been easier in-store than it has been online. With new technologies like virtual try-on, pupillary distance, and frame recommendations, we can bring all the crucial elements from an in-store experience to an online experience.


Did you have any doubts about ditto?

We were worried it would not be realistic, that the frame would not look like what it looks like in VTO compared to the physical frame. Once we actually went live we were impressed and got really good feedback from our customers on the quality of the digital glasses. We were one of the first to launch with virtual try-on in the Philippines. People were very excited about the new experience and the virtual try-on tool was super cool and convenient. When they were in-store they could try-on as many frames as they wanted. Using Ditto was exciting because it allowed us to give the same experience online. You only have to record once and then you can try on as many frames as you want since all of our frames are digitized.


What was the integration process like?

Implementation was smooth and easy. The Ditto dev team and client success team was quick to answer our questions and resolve any issues. We were building our site at the same time as we were implementing Ditto. We had our internal development team and the Ditto team provided all the resources necessary to have a smooth and easy implementation. One thing I remember though was that we had originally started with the standard virtual try-on but a couple of months later we decided to include face insights for a better customer experience.


What would you tell others who are considering ditto?

It is a non-negotiable feature for an eyewear brand in 2021. We have been in business since 2013 as a brick-and-mortar retailer and when we went online as an established brand, we had to bring a virtual try-on feature. There were so many people recording virtual try-ons originally that we decided to set up analytics. We saw that people who use virtual try-on were 2.4x as likely to add to cart and complete checkout than those who did not. It really helps with engagement and their consideration so that they convert on our website.

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