eCommerce Solutions

Transform Your Online Eyewear Shopping Experience

Our turnkey, integrated offering makes it easier than ever to optimize your conversion rates and delight customers.

Help customers easily discover their Perfect Pair ™ and buy with confidence to increase conversions and reduce returns.

The New Customer Journey

1. Simple, personal frame discovery.

Help your customers easily discover pairs that fit and match their personal style.

2. Fast, easy face scan.

Customers turn their head from side to side and then hold up any card from their wallet to their forehead to add accurate scale.

3. Individualized face insights.

Customers see a scanning animation followed by insights about their face shape and key measurements to increase credibility in the frame recommendations.

4. Personal style preferences.

The customer sees several recommended styles shown on their face with the virtual try-on technology so they can easily hone in styles they love.

5. Virtually try on recommendations.

Customers see pairs that fit perfectly and match their personal style on their face in up to 180-degree views. They can be confident every recommended pair fits.

6. Personalized emails and sharing.

Save the insights to the customer’s account and send personalized emails of your customers wearing a new arrival or personally recommended style.

Customers can send favorites to friends and family for trusted style advice before they buy.

Omnichannel Solutions

Connect your online and store experiences with try-ons, favorites and recommendations that follow customers across channels.

We are trusted by leading eyewear eCommerce sites:

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