Table of Contents

General Questions

Is it easy to switch to Ditto?

We make an effort to understand every detail of your business. From our first conversations with you, we’ll work diligently to design the right solutions for your business and choose the right plan to get you up and running on Ditto. 


Legal Questions

Our business is based in China. Will Ditto work there?

Ditto is currently in the process of setting up servers locally in Beijing to better support businesses based in mainland China.

Our business is based in India. Will Ditto work there?

We are unable to accept new clients headquartered in India at this time. If you’re interested in Ditto’s technology, feel free to contact us and we will notify you when we can do business in India.

What does Ditto do to ensure GDPR compliance?

Yes, our technology is GDPR compliant. A key requirement of GDPR is to have a Data Processing Addendum, which is considered when we sign our agreement. To learn more about how Ditto ensures compliance, reference our documentation. 

How is user data stored? Who owns this data?

We host your solution and ensure your customer data is secure, but all data is yours. This data is never shared. You will always own your customer data.


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