Ditto, 6over6, Premium Vision and ExpressExam have merged and are now Luna.

Omnichannel Solutions

Create a seamless, personalized experience online and in stores with Ditto’s Store iPad App, frame recommendation, and virtual try-on technology platform.

Help customers easily discover their Perfect Pair™ and buy with confidence to increase conversions, average order value and second pair sales both online and in stores.

The New Customer Journey

1. Simple, personal frame discovery at home.

The journey often starts at home where your customers can use your website to discover pairs that fit and match their personal style.

2. Fast, easy face scan.

Customers turn their head from side to side and then hold up any card from their wallet to their forehead to add accurate scale.

3. Individualized face insights.

Customers see a scanning animation followed by insights about their prescription, face shape and key measurements to increase credibility in the frame recommendations.

4. Personal style preferences.

The customer sees several recommended frame shapes shown on their face with the virtual try-on technology so they can easily hone in styles they love.

5. Virtually try on recommendations.

Customers see pairs that fit perfectly and match their personal style on their face in up to 180-degree views. They can be confident every recommended pair fits.

6. Add to favorites.

Customers can buy their favorites or save them to view in person when they go into one of your stores.

7. Streamlined store visit.

Pull your customer’s favorite frames before they arrive or when they get there to speed up the time to purchase and clean fewer frames.

For customers who haven’t been scanned yet, do a quick 5-second scan of the customer’s face usually taken before their exam.

8. Assisted sale in stores.

Give your associates iPads to show customers their personalized face insights and recommendations after their exam.

9. Personalized emails.

Use personalized emails of your customer wearing recommended styles to drive them back to your site and reduce the time between purchases.

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Ditto is now Luna.

Ditto along with 6over6, Premium Vision, and ExpressExam have joined forces to bring an integrated offering to the vision industry — rebranding as Luna. 

Live Webinar

Unveiling our new company:

Turnkey solutions to power your eyewear business

Thursday, February 3, 2022 @ 11 am EST

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